Saturday, 16 June 2012

I'm being lazy coz it's too hot!!


Simply an understatement and an excuse you see...that I'm being lazy in updating my blog coz it's too hot!!! WTH...or am just being plain stupid with no idea to babble about....  ;(

Anyhow... the school holidays were terrific (or in my case terrifying...huhu) cos the house is full of children for a solid 2 weeks...14 days...336 hours...20160 minutes...1209600 seconds... Ha ha ha... as though 3 kids are a hand full!! Selfish me...he he he....

Yelorrr...the kids conquered almost everything!!!

- the main tv with a satellite subscription to you-know-what-company
- they conquered the lappy and desktops too
- not to mention mendling with ipad!!!

So, what's left for me??? Lots and lots and lots of house chores and laundry to be done...phuhh

Oh, did I ever mentioned that a close friend of mine is going on Umra' with his beloved hubby and her in-laws for a fortnite? Hmmm...I even managed to make her promised me to send me a copy of her journal during her Umra' so that I can write on it for my selfish of me...hehehe...sorry friend, you just have to bear with me on this  ;)

So, being a good friend she is and in keeping her "forced promise" that I made her to sworn, initially she emailed me yesterday 18 emails about her journey to meet her Maker...Gosh, you gotta be kidding me...18 EMAILS, really??? And now I have 18 emails to look into and write something on and my big mouth!!
 Say, I wont be that fast in drafting and editing and publishing it in my blog, and I have to email her the draft first as she would need to approved it, bear with me in my new post, ok?

Bye for now and thanks for reading...cheers  :)

Pen off @ 4.18am