Sunday, 27 October 2013

Makan-makan with old school mates

It was a fun day yesterday

A group of old school mates went for a makan-makan session at Setia City Mall.

As for me, it was my 2nd time to the mall and still, I went sesat all over the place even with a GPS oriented software like "Waze"!!! Hehehe...well, I followed the direction precisely (to my understanding la kan) and went sesat at Bukit Jelutong...hihihi

Eventually, I managed to arrive at the mall in one piece with my 'lil princess and we were so hungry, starving that my princess slept the hunger until we reached the destination.

Seeing all the familiar faces at the restaurant brought sweets & bitter memories once again. It wasn't the 1st time we met at a makan2 or any gathering after almost 17 years after school, but the rush of memories never left me.

We weren't that close in school back then, but we weren't enemies too. We went by the flow at that time and the best of times and memories did linger and brought us closer :-)

It was a birthday celebration too ( a surprise birthday cake too) to October babies eventhough some of them didn't make it. Well, happy bithday to Ijan, Mak Ann, Linda, Azah, Erynn, Asrie & my 'lil princess Delilah.

The food taste the same but having it with friends does made it taste better!! Along the way, we got some good news that some of us are expecting new baby(s) and another is looking forward to another special date insyaAllah in the nearest future. Congrats to all of you, am wishing you all the best and I can't wait to be invited...hehehe (paksaan, hokey!!)

After makan-makan, the event continued at a close-by RnR for some "kenduri durian"!! Thanks to "Yb Selama" for his contribution. He came all the was from Perak for the durian kampong. It was the best! Thank you so much.

Guys, Thanks for the time spent together. So, next event please....