Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cat FoodS!!! Yumm...

Yes, my mom asked me to buy cats' food! (Ala, leceh laaa)...the cats are driving her nuts it seems...they are following her around the house asking for food!!! Begging I dare say...hmm... ni sure mak ngah catu makan ke apa ni...

Not that I'm selfish not to go to the groceries to buy them food but...malas la nak parking kat TMZ Bangsar tu...dah la payah nak parking at those limited space parking...demmm...

Yet, I still went to buy those cats food (literally half heartedly - maafkan anakmu ni Mama...+_+)

Hmm....Look at those cats food section!!! Wow...I never have the idea that I'm going be stuck in the cats food section THAT long just to buy cats food!! Ha ha ha ... serve you right, tu lah...complaint2 lagi...nah amik kau...pilih la mana satu yg nak beli... *_*

Oh, nice shade of pink...(it is relevant...hehe)

Oh, but I like this baby blue!!!  ^_^

Hey, the cat on this packing is looking handsome...gosh...if only mom's cats are these cute... hehehe many brands to choose from...OMG!! Which one is better than the other but I think I remember mom sort of saying that don't buy the pockets ones since the cats won't eat it!!! Hey, makan pun nak pilih2 ke...bukan semua sama je ke raser ikan!??

Oh ok, now I wonder why in the world that these packagings are so nice and colorful and "addictive" to look at...Oh now I know, it's the advertisement for humans!!! Ha ha ha...not that cats can go and shop their food on their own! Kan? Kan? Kan?

Oh ok, a simple task that can be done in less that 2 minutes ended being done at almost half an hour!! Why? Well, I kind of stuck at choosing the foods based on the packaging but then I realised that I should read the nutrition label so that my mom's cats and kittens will be full with good and healthy food!!!, I myself sounds like an advertisement!!!

 Hmm....well, at last I brought this brand (not gonna disclose it here though) and mom's cats are delighted with my choice!! Hah< my choice yeah...not theirs...LOL

Am I going crazy writing about this...hehehe....NOT! (Eh...yakin ke aku yg aku ni x mereng lagi nih...)

Eventually, the results of those yummy food gonna look something like these

Ha ha ha...everyone is satisfied with my choice. (The little girl did not consume any cats food...she's just singing lullaby for them to sleep)...hehehe...

Ok. Enough said, hope that you enjoy reading my rubbish today as I enjoyed making it as grubbish as it is...LOL...confirm mereng aku ni...

Disclaimer: This blogger nor the cats in the photos are getting any credits on the photos of the cats food. The cats food photos included in this posts are not meant for an advertisement, they are being uploaded as it was taken at a groceries store.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Trip to Bali Part 2

As promised, this entry is about Bali again and I hope this will be the last entry on it, not the last trip to Bali ... hehehe...ala2 verangan nak g lagi la ni...Tapi Bali mmg sempoi...

Let's see...

On my 2nd day in Bali, I went for sightseeing. Yea lorr... kalau x g melawat tempat-tempat tumpuan pelancong, gimana nak tau budaya mereka...yea x?

Earlier on before departing to Bali, I've arrange with a local guide for a half day tour in several tourists attraction in some part of Bali.

A few hours in front of my lappy (sampai keluaq ayaq mata mengadap screen) and blog walking from 1 blog to another... (sib baik x berpeluh - peluh sbb its eventually didn't need any physical movement except for my fingers to dance on the keyboard and my eyes to read >_< I end up contacting this fella, Ketut Diana.

Don't be fooled, the name read as "Diana" but it's a man. I managed to ask him about it later when I met him in Bali, it seems that the name Diana is a comman name for male!! Hmm...sib baik nama aku bukan Diana.

His rate is reasonable and can be consider as cheap. USD20 for a half day trip, lebih kurang RM60.00 waktu tu utk half day trip. Ok what...? This Ketut Diana may be reached at this web address and his profile and tour company can also be view at Manalah tau kot2 esok-esok korang pulak nak gi Bali, kumpullah duit dari sekarang...ngeh ngeh ngeh...

So, enjoy the pictures on souveniours that I managed to take and sensored (some of the souveniours are a bit "nasty looking" walaupun ada yg satu dua terlepas gak kat sini)

These photos were taken from several souveniours shops.

Later, I went to Jimbaran, a fishing village and tourist attraction located to the south of Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali.

The purpose of going to Jimbaran was to have seafood dinner while looking at the sunset...perghhhh, macamlah kat sini xde sunset at the beach...hmmm. The food was delicious but expensive, yup really really expensive...jutaan rupiah yea. The dish that I chose was priced at Rph. 3,800,00.00 (about RM1,271.00!!) Tak percaya? Percayalah....mahal sebab ader lobster kot...

Oh, the nite before (the 1st day of arrival) I had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe since I was occupying the hotel. The food was so-so, nothing that special just like other HR Cafe I guess except that this cafe is in Bali so for Muslim patrons, do ask before you order...

Well, I guess that's it for now...hope that you enjoy reading it as I enjoyed writing it...


Monday, 16 April 2012

Trip to Bali Part 1

Hi, all. As promised I'm trying my best to write about my recent trip to Bali in the simplest vocab that I know of.

I've been dying to go to Bali all my life. Bukan apa, dengar orang pergi Bali cam best la romantik, aku pun terhegeh2 la nak g jugak...hehehe. And finally I went to Bali earlier this year...yeay...

I was greeted by this particular statue in The Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali. It symbolises the Hinduism religion that Balinese practises.

Hari ketibaan di Bali, hujan turun dengan selebat-lebatnya sepanjang tengah hari hingga ke lewat petang. So, nothing much to do on my first day, just loitering around the hotel in dismay  :'(

Mostly, I ended up taking pictures of the hotel which I stayed in (not a picture of myself)... Feel free to browse them because a picture speaks a thousand words

Gosh, it's pretty hard to align those pictures!!! Ceh, ke aku yg x greti...LOL

Oh, right. On arrival I had my lunch at Rumah Makan Malioboro. It's halal. I think in Malaysia pun ada a few. Mainly, the dishes are from chicken. It tasted good, but one thing that I don't like about it was the bones were crushed, well, I don't eat crushed bones nor do I eat the uncrushed either. Maybe, being in Indonesia where food are limited and expensive to their citizen, they eat it all...who knows...

So, roughly that's what I did in the first day. Only during the 2nd day I managed to go on a half day tour. 

1. Besakih Temple (Mother Temple) 

On a clear day, one can view the Java sea in the Indian Ocean!!

2. Gua Gajah

By the end on the day, I also managed to view the infamous Jimbaran for their sunset! It is indeed spectacular!!

Well, I guess this is it for this entry. Thanks for reading ^_^

Friday, 13 April 2012

A recent trip to Bali

Hi all, my next entry as you might guess is about a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia. 

Hmmm....what should I write about Bali?? Nothing much I guess since Bali is already a well-known holiday getaway a.k.a. holidays to singles, couples even for family.

Well, before I start about all the things that I managed to do in Bali, why don;t we start on how to plan a trip...
First thing first...simple rules that you should know, well at least I think that I should know are...

1. Choose your location - well, normally this is the best part. As for myself, I always dreamt of going somewhere and ended up the other!! ^_^

2. Make a budget - this is the tricky part. I always browse the web to hunt, really hunt for cheap price no mater whether it's for the flight or ground itinerary which normally I didn't manage to get...ha ha...I'm not sure whether I'm doing it the right way or its just that I'm plain stupid ... hehehe

3. Travel light - This one is catchy! Yup, they really do. But I learned from experiences and trial and error THAT ONE MUST TRAVEL LIGHT or you'll end up dragging your luggage. I used to count the days of my travel and end up more that what I really need. So next time peeps, bring a pair of jeans / trousers and a couple  of tshirt (cotton) that's it if you are going to somewhere hot because you'll end up buying all those goodies that you think that you need but you are not!!

4. If you are travelling alone, let your family or friends know of your trip - well, this is for safety reason

5. If travelling internationally, make sure your documents are in order - Keep your passport, travel documents, visas and similar items in a safe pouch. Also, keep paper copies of the same in a safe place. It'll be much easier to replace anything that you lost (well, I hope).

6. Camera with  charger and spare batteries in hand, just in case.

Well, that's it. I think you are good to go...
Hey, I think my entry is a bit longer that what I planned for. I intended to write about my trip to Bali instead ended up with an entry on how to plan a trip...LOL...that's careless of me  *_*

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Sunshine all the way...

April 12, 2012

Bright & sunny. Hopefully the weather will stay on its best behaviour for the rest of the day...
Macam-macam berlaku sejak semalam...gempa bumi bertali arus di Lautan Pacific berdekatan Banda Acheh which shocked the neighbouring countries. Mudah2an kita semua dijauhi mala petaka...

Eh...macam dah nak start mendung la...its only 2 o'clock, noon...alahai nak stress lah ni... kesian bebudak yg keja luar...lencun lagi lah petang ni (kalau hari hujan...)
5:58 pm - It's not so bright as it was earlier today...Hmm...still wondering what to do tonite. One thing for sure, the kids won't be around since weekdays they'll be at their Granny's since their school is at their Granny's house area. Why? Well, I love to travel and sometimes I travel for weeks. When they were younger and not schooling, I brought them along but now that they are schooling so, they have to stay home and go to school!!! Hehehe...