Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Cat FoodS!!! Yumm...

Yes, my mom asked me to buy cats' food! (Ala, leceh laaa)...the cats are driving her nuts it seems...they are following her around the house asking for food!!! Begging I dare say...hmm... ni sure mak ngah catu makan ke apa ni...

Not that I'm selfish not to go to the groceries to buy them food but...malas la nak parking kat TMZ Bangsar tu...dah la payah nak parking at those limited space parking...demmm...

Yet, I still went to buy those cats food (literally half heartedly - maafkan anakmu ni Mama...+_+)

Hmm....Look at those cats food section!!! Wow...I never have the idea that I'm going be stuck in the cats food section THAT long just to buy cats food!! Ha ha ha ... serve you right, tu lah...complaint2 lagi...nah amik kau...pilih la mana satu yg nak beli... *_*

Oh, nice shade of pink...(it is relevant...hehe)

Oh, but I like this baby blue!!!  ^_^

Hey, the cat on this packing is looking handsome...gosh...if only mom's cats are these cute... hehehe many brands to choose from...OMG!! Which one is better than the other but I think I remember mom sort of saying that don't buy the pockets ones since the cats won't eat it!!! Hey, makan pun nak pilih2 ke...bukan semua sama je ke raser ikan!??

Oh ok, now I wonder why in the world that these packagings are so nice and colorful and "addictive" to look at...Oh now I know, it's the advertisement for humans!!! Ha ha ha...not that cats can go and shop their food on their own! Kan? Kan? Kan?

Oh ok, a simple task that can be done in less that 2 minutes ended being done at almost half an hour!! Why? Well, I kind of stuck at choosing the foods based on the packaging but then I realised that I should read the nutrition label so that my mom's cats and kittens will be full with good and healthy food!!!, I myself sounds like an advertisement!!!

 Hmm....well, at last I brought this brand (not gonna disclose it here though) and mom's cats are delighted with my choice!! Hah< my choice yeah...not theirs...LOL

Am I going crazy writing about this...hehehe....NOT! (Eh...yakin ke aku yg aku ni x mereng lagi nih...)

Eventually, the results of those yummy food gonna look something like these

Ha ha ha...everyone is satisfied with my choice. (The little girl did not consume any cats food...she's just singing lullaby for them to sleep)...hehehe...

Ok. Enough said, hope that you enjoy reading my rubbish today as I enjoyed making it as grubbish as it is...LOL...confirm mereng aku ni...

Disclaimer: This blogger nor the cats in the photos are getting any credits on the photos of the cats food. The cats food photos included in this posts are not meant for an advertisement, they are being uploaded as it was taken at a groceries store.

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