Friday, 13 April 2012

A recent trip to Bali

Hi all, my next entry as you might guess is about a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia. 

Hmmm....what should I write about Bali?? Nothing much I guess since Bali is already a well-known holiday getaway a.k.a. holidays to singles, couples even for family.

Well, before I start about all the things that I managed to do in Bali, why don;t we start on how to plan a trip...
First thing first...simple rules that you should know, well at least I think that I should know are...

1. Choose your location - well, normally this is the best part. As for myself, I always dreamt of going somewhere and ended up the other!! ^_^

2. Make a budget - this is the tricky part. I always browse the web to hunt, really hunt for cheap price no mater whether it's for the flight or ground itinerary which normally I didn't manage to get...ha ha...I'm not sure whether I'm doing it the right way or its just that I'm plain stupid ... hehehe

3. Travel light - This one is catchy! Yup, they really do. But I learned from experiences and trial and error THAT ONE MUST TRAVEL LIGHT or you'll end up dragging your luggage. I used to count the days of my travel and end up more that what I really need. So next time peeps, bring a pair of jeans / trousers and a couple  of tshirt (cotton) that's it if you are going to somewhere hot because you'll end up buying all those goodies that you think that you need but you are not!!

4. If you are travelling alone, let your family or friends know of your trip - well, this is for safety reason

5. If travelling internationally, make sure your documents are in order - Keep your passport, travel documents, visas and similar items in a safe pouch. Also, keep paper copies of the same in a safe place. It'll be much easier to replace anything that you lost (well, I hope).

6. Camera with  charger and spare batteries in hand, just in case.

Well, that's it. I think you are good to go...
Hey, I think my entry is a bit longer that what I planned for. I intended to write about my trip to Bali instead ended up with an entry on how to plan a trip...LOL...that's careless of me  *_*

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