Monday, 16 April 2012

Trip to Bali Part 1

Hi, all. As promised I'm trying my best to write about my recent trip to Bali in the simplest vocab that I know of.

I've been dying to go to Bali all my life. Bukan apa, dengar orang pergi Bali cam best la romantik, aku pun terhegeh2 la nak g jugak...hehehe. And finally I went to Bali earlier this year...yeay...

I was greeted by this particular statue in The Ngurah Rai International Airport Bali. It symbolises the Hinduism religion that Balinese practises.

Hari ketibaan di Bali, hujan turun dengan selebat-lebatnya sepanjang tengah hari hingga ke lewat petang. So, nothing much to do on my first day, just loitering around the hotel in dismay  :'(

Mostly, I ended up taking pictures of the hotel which I stayed in (not a picture of myself)... Feel free to browse them because a picture speaks a thousand words

Gosh, it's pretty hard to align those pictures!!! Ceh, ke aku yg x greti...LOL

Oh, right. On arrival I had my lunch at Rumah Makan Malioboro. It's halal. I think in Malaysia pun ada a few. Mainly, the dishes are from chicken. It tasted good, but one thing that I don't like about it was the bones were crushed, well, I don't eat crushed bones nor do I eat the uncrushed either. Maybe, being in Indonesia where food are limited and expensive to their citizen, they eat it all...who knows...

So, roughly that's what I did in the first day. Only during the 2nd day I managed to go on a half day tour. 

1. Besakih Temple (Mother Temple) 

On a clear day, one can view the Java sea in the Indian Ocean!!

2. Gua Gajah

By the end on the day, I also managed to view the infamous Jimbaran for their sunset! It is indeed spectacular!!

Well, I guess this is it for this entry. Thanks for reading ^_^


  1. kak long tgk sini

  2. Thanks Ina, Jom la kita g reramai (start kumpul $$)...hehehe

  3. kak long pun x ajak..mcm ne nak tahu..huhuhu..nk gak g melancong..

  4. Ina, Erk...mana nak tau. Ni ader perancangan nak ke Bandung ni...ader niat? Kot sorang bole leee...Mr Mama klu nak ikut naik tongkang...huhu