Thursday, 13 December 2012

Goshhh...spiderwebs everywhere....

Yikessss....It's been ages, centuries ago since I last pen down something in my blog. How very undisciplined of me... Org lain pun bz gak but still managed to steal a few minutes to blog, but teruk of me. So sorry guys (macam la ader sangat kotttt yg baca blog aku nih...huhu)

So, when was d last time I wrote...what? 3-4 months ago...Klu lah ader cikgu yg tukang peksa blog cam peksa buku kat schools...alamat dah lama aku kena gantung kat kipas!!! Hehehe

Ok...Let's see....too many things (tonnes of it) that I've been doing in the past few months...Travel to Perak - kids' school - hari anugerah cemerlang - sport's day - workshop - shopping - shopping - window shopping - shopping again - muka buku - tweet jer - etc etc
Too many things that I'm lost for words!! Demmmm....huhu

Well, nuff' said, what's gone let it be bygone. Now it's time to look in the near future. Well that makes me jump directly to my next agenda with beloved family members - A short getaways to Cameron Highlands!!! First time uoalsss I nak g Cameron Highland!!! Ha ha ha...umur dah lanjut, benua lain dah jelajah, ni ha baru nk g tempat sendiri....!! Pity me...maafkan saya atas kekurangan diri ini...huhu

The kids are estatic and bewildered to go...they are all getting jitty butterflies in their stomachs counting the days (so am am I)...guess that I'll update uoalsss once I got back from Cameron Highlands!!!

Strawberrrriiiiieeeesssssss 'ere I come.....weee huuuuu   ;)

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