Thursday, 21 November 2013

Apalah Salahnya Berkongsi Rezeki di bumi Allah

Salam semua,

Tetiba nak update pasal rezeki di bumi Allah...Oh maiiii...tetiba terperasan that my update ni dalam bahasa Melayu. Hmmm...apa salahnya, bahasa jiwa bangsa...hehehe

Not long time ago, somebody within a group of friends, school mates, ol' ones back in the 90's came up with an idea of collecting some money for donation.

So we all agreed to agree to collect donations to be distributed to 'anak yatim' from Rumah Penyayang Ar-Rayyan in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Basically, the orphanage is inhabiting by 13 children from age 7 until 17 years old, all male. All are Malaysian except 2 are considered and registered under UNHCR and are also blood brothers. Amongst all 13 children, 1 boy does not go to school since he has a problem with his birth certificate, and yes, he is Malaysian.

Basically, all donation that were collected were used to purchase personal hygiene items such as tooth pastes and tooth brushes, soaps, shower gels, towels, shampoos and so on as well as 2 scientific calculators as 2 of them will be having PMR and SPM and they still have not any scientific calculator to be used during their exams.

So guys, enjoy the pictures here as pictures speak louder than words. To all those that donated their contribution towards the 1-time event no matter whether it's monetary or goods or even help during the day, I thank you so much. Only Allah may repay all your good deeds.

Details of the orphanage:-

Name: Rumah Anakku Sayang Ar-Rayyan
Address: 1013, Persiaran Semarak 2, Taman Panchor Jaya, 70400 Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Contact no.: 06-6715935 (Cik Salihah / En. Raimie)

Thanks for reading, guys...

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