Thursday, 10 May 2012

Books, books....and books....and more books

Venue:  Putra World Tarde Centre (PWTC)
Date  :   7th April - 6th May 2012
Event :  International Book Fair 2012

Hmmm....I didn't get to spend my time there...bummer... :'(  It's ok, there's probably another next year (same lame excuses) But hey that doesn't mean that my family & I fall under the "not reading community" , ok...

We went to an infamous bookstore in a shopping mall in Petaling Jaya, well, I think I'm not suppose to write any direct name while blogging (ain't I?)...

We bought several books for the kids, Mr Mama and myself. I just love the smell of new prints!! A good book with a 300+ pages can be read within a day! Subject to no interference from other person, and in my case , my little monsters!!

The kids like to read as well, even though sometimes they are only reading chicky story books but hey, it's not easy to teach someone to simply love reading, I believe that it does not comes naturally.

Oh, since some of the titles from a particular author are finished in the store, I managed to buy them online!! Oh, I just love the net ^_^ and am now expecting those books to arrive in my doorsteps anyday... I shall update you guys on the titles soon...

Thanks for reading this entry ^_^

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