Tuesday, 22 May 2012

It's just me in my normal days

Not so good a fortune...mendapat kecederaan parah di ibu jari kaki!!! Like hell, sakit x hengat dihempap pintu almari sliding...!!!

So, my world just went black the last few days, x leh nak g memana, susah nak jalan dgn ibu jari kaki yg berdenyut2...  :'(

Eventually, the pain subdue and at last, last Saturday I managed to go to Bentong with some help from my brother, pak supir x bergaji yg kuat melawan...huhuhu

Now only I realised how I missed the village and its environment. The smell of village air is just....heaven!!! Lama betul rasernya x pergi Bentong, it should be a couples of loooonnnggggg years ago...sampai dah lupa how was it previously. Even the kids were ecstatic in going to Bentong. Bukan lama pun, sehari dua aje, but a very meaningful trip to all of us.

We went to a local night market or pasar malam as we used to call it, in Mempaga 3, about a kilometre away from Perumahan Tras, were my uncle's house is situated. It's been ages since I last went to a pasar malam!!! I didn't even get to enjoy the one in Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman every Saturdays!!! Bummer...

I really missed the crowd in the pasar malam and the smell of local dishes being sold there (sorry I didn't get to take pictures of the pasar malam at Mempaga 3, didn't bring my camera) but I managed to snapped these pictures instead from my handphone....recognise what is it?

Oh really, I missed those years on running naked in the village and in the paddy fields...!!! Even my lil' princess has never seen a real sea!!! Gosh...poor baby...that is why I thinking of a family trip to one of those beautiful islands that we have surrounding the Peninsular of Malaysia sometime in October...

Am all jolly and excited of the island trip and I guess that the kids will definitely love it too...none of us has ever been to any of our own beautiful island, and I am gonna mend it!!!

Pulau Tioman, wait for our arrival and we are gonna have fun there too... ^_^

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