Sunday, 12 January 2014

What's there on the surface?

Hari ni nk mengarut on a more serious topic, bole?

"What's there on the surface?" atau "Don't judge the books by its cover"...

Hampir nak sama kot makna kedua2 bidalan nih. Sebab by looking on the surface of a river (misalnya) you won't know what lies in the water, kot ada batu, ada ranting kayu, tunggul kayu, buaya dan sebagainya. Same goes by looking from a book cover, you won't know what stories lies within the chapters until you took the time to read it.

Samalah macam manusia kot. Yang kita nampak di depan mata, bukanlah sesuatu yg sebenarnya di dalam hati. Yang kelihatan hanyalah yang zahir, tetapi batinnya, perasaan nya? Hanya yang empunya diri dan Yang Esa sahaja yg mengetahui!

Melihatkan air muka seseorang bole juga kita meneka akan perasaannya ketika itu. Tetapi...ada tapi nya, manusia kan pelakon di pentas dunia. Bisa saja dia melakonkan wataknya dengan baik sekali, gimana? Kita pasti tertipu kan...?

A person could be as jolly as a kid, but deep within he/she is crying silently. Crying silently...bad bad. Oneself must be hurt deeply just to cry without tears ;(

Sometimes a person might upload a friendly and happy status in all over the social network(s) that he/she is registered to, but that too cannot really reflect on what the person feel. Only a person whose close to that particular person might guess/know that something's amiss in the status.

Sometimes, it's much easier to act happy than to show that you are sad. It's easier to act wacky when you are actually crying inside. Because a person just need to divert his/her actual feeling rather than being vulnerable to others.

Most cases, you will be doing just the opposite of what you really are, simply to satisfied whatever one is feeling. Or just that he/she don't want to be hurt, feel vulnerable again. It's like a shield that is up in front of you, just to keep you from shattering/ broken to pieces all over the place.

If only I might be of help...if only you just let me help...only God knows that I'll be more than willing to help. If only you can see the sincerity of my helping hands...if only you let me...

Remember, life on earth is only a journey or part of a journey for you to get to the eternal place. Love is all about sharing, about taking care of each other, being for each other...

Thanks for reading.

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