Thursday, 9 January 2014

Women are emotional drivers??

I am not a fantastic driver, nor am I excellent. But after being on the roads and highways as a lady driver myself, I can conclude that women are more emotional behind wheels and anything that had to do with roads and transports...ha ha

I dont want to sound sexist as much as I do but it's the truth...most women put their emotional drive more while driving!! Oh, no...I tried not to be one...hehehe

My so called theory based on my daily observation while's not an intellegent theory that you must agreed to, but hey, I think my theory(s) sounded acceptable...ha ha. Well, at least to me! LOL

These are the facts that I think are most realiable:

- lady drivers muka memang ketats masa memandu [well, this I sincerely blame PMS!]  ;)

- most lady drivers have terrible parking skills, no matter whether she driving a compact car or not..a good example would be my dear sis...hehehe...sorry babe, well...remember that 1 time that we need to switch places as driver when you can't park in Sogo basement parking? LOL

- this I like so much, going through toll booth with male patrons in the booth!! Well, I rather Q for a male toll booth coz I know that male worker collecting money would gladly be responsive when you smile and said 'Thank you' and they will answer you back WITH A SMILE, saying "Welcome"!!
If, I'd like to stress out that IF you are so unlucky to get a female worker behind a toll booth...ha ha...well watch out. They might pull their ketats face when you say 'Thank you' and wont even look your way...!
Ciss, muka ketats macam baru cucuk botox...sombong!! Betul. Trust me. Next time you came accross a manual toll booth, look for a different when you are attended by male or female worker...he he he

- I find that male drivers are sometimes...ok, maybe most of the times are more relax when driving! Yelah kot, abang2 yg driving sambil layan lagu kat radio tu...well, you make my day la abang. Especially if I am stuck in massive traffic, pandang keta sebelah abang tu beria nyanyi2 dlm keta...hehe (Yup, I can see through your screen tau) and that most of the times will definitely make me smile and then I, myself would turn up the volume of the radio and sing along to any number that are being played...hihi
Well, such an impact tau seeing another driver sing along happy2, of course lah I pun akan happy2 ikut sama nk nyanyi in my car!! Suara sedap x sedap, itu belakang kira...LOL

Well, the list goes on and on...

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